Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nolan the Photographer

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw tons of blurry photos of the family all taken by my 3 year old son. Taking photos is his new hobby and I couldn't pass up the chance to document this moment in time. So here I am embracing the blurry photos :)

I used Quick Quotes paper "Ode to Joy" and stamped on the photos themselves with Close to My Heart acrylic alphabet stamps (Sans Alphabet & Doodle Alphabet). To stamp on photos I like to use 'Stayz On' ink. This is quick drying and won't smudge.

NOTE: Stayz On ink will permanently stain your stamps, but it does not damage them. Be sure to clean them right away and they will continue to work just as well with regular ink for future stamping :)

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  1. your blog is fab! I love this page, the blurriness of the pics just make it cooler. How awesome is it that your son took these? I am now one of your followers and I would appreciate it if you checked out my blog at