Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby Shower - diaper cake & paper purses

I also added a few more homemade touches to the shower by building a diaper cake and creating paper purses as party favors to take home.


1 large box of Size 1 diapers (92 count or larger)
3 spools of ribbon
1 round piece of cardboard for the base (cover in aluminum foil or wrapping paper)
*Any embellishments you want. I used 1 package of brightly colored links, 4 pairs of baby socks, 2 pairs of mittens, 1 wrist rattle, 1 travel pack of shampoo/conditioner/baby powder & 1 large rattle for the topper.

Roll each diaper and tie with curling ribbon (this is the most time consuming part). Create your bottom cake layer and hold together with a wide ribbon. Create the next layer slightly smaller than the last. Continue this process until you have your desired amount of layers. Add embellishments.

It is definitely a labor of love but my best friend is worth it! =)

I created these as party favors for everyone to take home.


Abby Collection paper from Quick Quotes
Tags, Bags, Boxes & More Cricut Cartridge - Purse #2 (size 5 1/2")
Brads: for the purse flap
Ribbon: to create the handle
Velcro: to hold the flap of the purse down
*I put 2 Ghiradelli squares of chocolate in each one (they fit perfectly)

NOTE: I've heard that this Cricut cartridge has been discontinued, but you can still find it on e-bay :)


  1. Hi Lisa! I'm the newest follower of your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! Very cute diaper cake!

  2. Hi Lisa thanks for following me I am now following you. Love the little purses. Is that Lucille Ball in the background?

  3. Lucy is my fav :) I am slowly collecting memorabilia items.