Monday, May 2, 2011

Blog redesign

Welcome to my newly redesigned blog!!! Yippee... it was about time!!! I did a little research on changing my blog and found If you are looking for a DIY project for your blog, definitely check them out. They even have 'how-to' video tutorials which make changes very simple ;) Check out my site and let me know what you think.

Things I added/changed:
* new background
* personalized header using fotoflexer
* added separate blog pages with links at the top
* added blinkies
* added buttons
* added a personalized signature under each post
* added blog dividers between each post

Things still to do:
* create cute buttons for my page links at the top (found some at shabbyblogs but not sure how to add them in the html)
* create my own favicon (I tried multiple times but must still be doing something wrong. If you have advice I'd love some help, so please leave me a comment - thanks!)

Crazy Lisa fact: I was a computer science major my freshman year in college (yikes I know). So some of the html actual makes sense to me - lol!!!


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