My Scrap Room

WELCOME to my Scrap Space

I am lucky enough to have an entire room devoted to my stuff.  I am a work-from-home mom so it also doubles as my office space.  I found a zebra lamp with pink trim and it inspired my entire room :)  I am including some of my favorite finds for storage solutions beneath each pic.

I found the white shelving unit that is attached to the wall at IKEA.  It holds all of my frequently used items so I have easy-access to grab them.  The white rolling drawers under my desk on the right is from Target.  It is slightly smaller than 12x12 so I keep things in there like chipboard alphabets (in ziplock bags), my punches/tools, scraps, etc.

This was my biggest splurge for organization in my office.  I wanted a way to display my papers in a way where I could easily find what I'm looking for.  I bought these quite a few years ago but you can still find them by doing a google search for 12x12 paper racks.  For my cardstock, I use black plastic 12x12 paper holders that I found at Oriental Trading Co.  This sits on the end of my desk so cardstock is always within reach.  My dad created the black paper storage tower in the middle out of wood (This was my first one and was all the room I needed at the time.  Wow has that changed - lol!)


My dad actually custom-designed my stamp pad storage. (I am a lucky girl!) 
RIBBON STORAGE: The ribbon storage is an easy do-it-yourself project.  On top I have a bathroom towel bar & below is a paper towel rack.  I then purchased the following items: binder clips/rings & mesh plastic grid used for needle work.  I used one sheet of mesh to create 6 smaller rectangles.  I wrapped my ribbon around it and secured it with tape.  Punch a hole in the top of the mesh, attach your ring & clip onto your bar.  Easy peasy and it holds all of my loose ribbon.

Detail ribbon shot:

I found the book case (it's really just shelves because there's no back on it), at a garage sale.  I brought it home and painted it black.  It was an awesome find because the shelves were adjustable.  Since there is no back on it, the albums fit perfectly!  Besides scrapping I am also a stamper.  I love, love, love my acrylic stamps.  I found the plastic containers at a 99 Cent Store.

I purchased a Clip-it-Up.  You can easily clip up all of your smaller embellishments.  I have seen ladies make these themselves just like what I did with the ribbon holder.  You can clip things to any skinny rod. (or clip to hangers to store things in a closet) :)  On the back wall there is a wire shelf where I keep my spooled ribbon.

I am always creating new work but was sad to put it into an album right away.  I found a scrapbook store that was going out of business and purchased some display grid from them.  I was able to get 3 pieces of grid + hangers + 2 shelves for around $20.  Now I have a place to showcase my recent work & it is always a focal point for anyone who stops by my room. (PS - there's the lamp :) )

Thanks for Looking!!!


  1. Love your scrap room and the paper storage is too "die" for!

  2. Love your scrap room thans for the ideas and sharing your room.

  3. LOVE your scrap room! And your display grid is super cooL!!!

  4. I love it! You are an inspiration to me!!! Im a creative myself but i dont do anything with it. Time to start!!!!! Thank you!!!

  5. Love your Craft room. I am a Zebra and Pink lover too. You are really organized...I'm getting there. Thanks for the tips and inspiration.
    Dee B

  6. WOW !! Bryan wasn't kidding when he said you had allot of stuff for your scrap booking.. Very awesome room!!!

  7. I love your room! found you on My question is concerning the IKEA piece over your desk with 4 openings. How many inches did you hang it over your desk (measuring from the top of your desk to the bottom of the shelves)? Also, does it get in your way at all, or does it seem the perfect height? Thanks, I look forward to your answers!

  8. Wow! I have been looking for a work table like yours forever! Super sleek! Where is it from? (Christinebeadel@aol dot com) thanks!