About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Lisa and I am an online high school teacher by day and an avid scrapper by night. I was lucky enough to be hired by Quick Quotes in late 2009 to start teaching classes for them at the scrapbook conventions held nationwide. Being surrounded by all the new trends & products has only inspired me more and has truly turned my hobby into so much more.

I am part of the first-ever Quick Quotes design team so make sure to check back here for frequently updated projects! :)

The signs that your hobby has become an obsession:
#1 when you buy the same paper on two different occasions, not knowing you already have it at home
#2 when you have another child and your husband loses his office space instead of you losing yours (for those of you wondering - 'yes', this is what happened at my house :) and 'yes' I have an amazing husband.)
#3 when your friends refer to your scrap space as a 'store' instead of a room
#4 when you carry around a notepad to sketch layout ideas on a whim
#5 when you always carry around a camera just in case you see some cute layouts or ideas

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I hope you enjoy what you see & find some new inspiration.