My Family

I am a very lucky lady. I am a mom to two wonderful sons: Nolan (4), and Ethan (11 months). I also have an amazing husband, Bryan, of 9 1/2 years.

Fun Facts:
Bryan is originally from Canada. He does not say 'eh' - lol (but some of his relatives do). We met in college when he was an international student. He currently works as a portfolio analyst in Newport Beach. It is always fun to meet dad at work for lunch with the boys.  He just recently finished up his private pilot's license. We are all so proud of him. I vote that our next trip should be up to Santa Barbara.

Nolan just turned 4 and is in pre-school. He loves to take pictures, sing his ABC's, and is fascinated by my scrapbooks - woohoo. He looks through my scrapbooks more than anyone and I am grateful they are being used. :) He is an amazing big brother & loves to help out.

Ethan is our newest addition. He was born in Feb 2011 on Groundhog's Day. He has such a sweet disposition.  He is currently getting into 'everything.'  He is cruising around with the help of the couch or table but I'm sure he'll be walking solo in no time.

*I created a one year album for Nolan and am in the process of doing the same thing for Ethan.  To follow along with me on my year-long scrap journey you can check out Ethan's tab at the top.