Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Live, Laugh, Love" Bouquet

Hi Friends,
I found this idea in the June issue of Scrapbooks Etc as part of a Craft-It-Forward project. Here is my interpretation of their original project. I have entered the Craft-It-Forward challenge on their website for a chance to win $500 for the charity of my choice (Make-A-Wish Foundation) and $500 for myself. Please take a minute to click on the link below and leave some love so maybe they'll pick me and my charity! =) ENJOY!!!

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"Live, Laugh, Love" Bouquet
- created using the "My Michelle" paper line from Quick Quotes

Detail Shot of the flowers - each one was inked with Maraschino Cherry or Blue Hawaiian Quick Quotes chalking inks.

Detail shot of the sign
- I covered a plastic frame in coordinating paper, then added a QQ vellum quote and 3 miniature rolled flowers to finish off this piece.


Project HOW TO:

Materials needed: 2 foam balls, a wooden dowel, flower pot, corsage pins, paper & chalking inks.
#1 Cut a 3" circle. Beginning at the edge, cut in a spiral pattern getting a wider width as you move towards the center.

#2 Ink, ink, ink :) Ink all edges of both sides of the paper in a coordinating QQ chalking ink color.

#3 Roll the spiral tightly toward the center of your flower trying to keep the bottom edge even as you roll. When you reach the middle, allow the flower to open slightly, then add a drop of liquid glue (Beacon's 3 in 1) to the very bottom.

#4 Pin your flowers into the foam ball using corsage pins. Embellish as desired.


  1. Ooooohhhh what a gorgeous tree!!!! Thanks for the mini tutorial!

  2. This is beautiful Lisa, I love it and thanks for the flower tutorial! I might have to try that. :)