Sunday, June 13, 2010

New addition to my scrap room

So I am officially out of photos to scrap. I have scrapped every event up through last weekend - sickening I know. In the meantime I decided to try to find a way to display some of my art in my office. About a week ago, Jess and I went out scrapbooking and stopped at a scrap store in Yorba Linda that was going out of business. They were selling display racks, slatwall, gridwall, etc. It was the perfect opportunity to add to my room.

I purchased three 1'x5' gridwall panels and lots of hooks. (total under $20) Now I am able to display some of my recent work and easily change it out with new stuff. I am super thrilled about the new addition. (Big thanks to my hubby for being patient during the hanging up process - lol.)

Check out these pics and let me know what you think!

PS - the lamp in the pic below is what inspired my whole room :)

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  1. Girl that looks so amazing! So jealous and excited for you. Sorry I am so lame with the online stuff and took a while to get on here.